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Cast Iron Dense Medium Cyclones

The cast iron dense medium cyclone range provides guaranteed separation efficiencies and maximum wear life. Multotec Australia’s cyclones are cast in 27% high chrome cast iron which provides excellent wear resistance and outperforms all other castings.


Using state of the art simulation programs coupled with experience obtained in treating a diverse range of minerals, a highly qualified team of process engineers will recommend the correct size and configuration of cast iron cyclone to suit your beneficiation needs.


Applications for our versatile cast iron dense medium cyclones include:


  • Coal

  • Iron Ore

  • Diamonds

  • Chrome

  • Andalusite

  • Fluorspar

  • Base Minerals

  • Manganese

  • Phosphate

  • Tin

Maximum separation efficiency for any given dense medium application in the Australian mineral processing industries.



Maximise wear life with our superior
cast iron dense medium cyclones
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Extensive field testing results in the most ergonomic cyclone design


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Overflow Discharge


  • Vortex extension or overflow elbow

  • Vortex extensions are cheaper, easier to maintain and simplify inspection

overflow discharge

Extended Barrel Section


  • Increases residence time and efficiency of separation

  • Ideal for feed solids that contain high percentages of fine or near density material

extended barrel

Parallel Throat Spigots


  • Help preserve spigot size for longer

  • Cyclone cut density is maintained more consistently

parallel throat

Oversized Spigots


  • Worn spigots can be replaced with oversized spigots

  • Larger diameter allows for it to be fitted on worn cones without creating an inward step

parallel throat



Only Multotec Australia utilises the efficient scrolled
evolute inlet head design


The feature that sets the Multotec Australia’s cyclones apart is the inlet head design. The scrolled evolute design gives cyclones
higher capacity capabilities compared to other common designs as well as the following other advantages:


  • Maximum efficiency of separation

  • Reduce misplaced material up to 30%

  • Cost effective operation

  • Superiority of design confirmed by Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis

  • Field tested

  • Minimised turbulence

  • Reduction in wear rates - especially on the vortex finder

  • Overall operating costs are reduced


Multotec has a highly experienced team of sales engineers, technical specialists and production experts ensuring you get the most efficient mineral processing equipment available in Australia.

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