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Ceramic Products

Multotec Australia provides a complete range of ceramic products that create the highest wear resistant solution on the market – extending the wear life of your mineral processing equipment.


Our ergonomically engineered high alumina tiles and cast basalt products, defined as an impressive 8.5 on the Moh scale, provide high strength resistance in the most abrasive applications.


Our wear resistant ceramic lining products attract the mining, petrochemical, power-gas and other industries that require heavy duty protection up to 400°C.



Benefits of our ceramic linings:

  • Ceramic products can be cut in any shape

  • Easily installed and maintained

  • Polishes to a smooth glassy surface – zero friction against minerals

  • Suitable for wet and dry processing applications

  • Provide the highest protection against abrasion and corrosion

  • Wear protection up to 400°C

  • Easy installation and replacement

Save costs with ceramic linings that extend wear life
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Ceramic Wear Resistant TilesCeramic Wear Resistant Tiles


Engineered tiles are pressed with chamfered sides and then cut precisely while still in their green
state, to the required shape. This ensures that gaps between the tiles are minimised and wear of the
tiles is reduced as chipping is eliminated.


Each tile is especially designed for its place in the complete tile kit, ensuring a very tight fit with a minimum
of space at the joints. Tile widths are selected to provide a smooth internal surface, the end result being a
long lasting wear surface.


Ceramic tiles are an essential product used in the mining industry in vibrating feeders, transfer chutes,
cyclones, pipes, high speed fans and other traditionally defined problem areas.


Ceramic tiles from Multotec Australia are the most cost-effective form of liner for high wear applications.







Our highly experienced team of sales engineers, technical specialists and production experts will ensure you get the most efficient wear lining system in Australia.


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