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Coal Spiral Concentrators

Multotec has developed two spiral models with two different combinations to suit the coal quality, making its range one of the most extensive in the world.


Our double start spirals (MX7 and SX7) incorporate two stages of spiraling into a single spiral assembly. This has the advantage of reduced plant height and floor space requirement, as well as lower capital and operating costs.


Our coal spirals can be assembled in single, double or triple starts as well as up to 7 turn configurations in high or low feed ash profiles. They are developed for coarse coal qualities and are guaranteed to improve overall separation efficiency.


New research and development has shown that our compact, modular designs have added flexibility when building or replacing spiral plants – resulting in processing solutions that extend the life of your plant and reduce overall maintenance costs.


Features and benefits of our coal spiral concentrators:

  • Available in single, double or triple starts

  • Up to 7 turn configurations

  • Compact, modular design reduces floor space requirements

  • Rubber integral edge prevents spillage

  • Specialised Auto Reject Channel®

  • Zero delamination

  • Construction material selected to provide long life and low cost


Lower overall capital and operating
costs with our optimised coal spirals
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Choose from our complete range of coal spiral concentrators


Plant layoutSX4 Single Stage Coal Spiral Concentrators

  • Manufactured in single, double or triple starts

  • 1000 mm in diameter

  • 4 turn units

  • Tonnage rating per start from 2.0 tph to 3.0 tph


MX7 Double Stage Coal Spiral Concentrators

  • Manufactured in single, double or triple starts

  • 1000 mm in diameter

  • 7 turn units in high or low ash profiles

  • 2 stage model

  • Reject gully


SX7 Double Stage Coal Spiral Concentrators

  • 1000 mm in diameter

  • 7 turn units

  • 2 stage model

  • Auto-reject profile


All of our coal spiral concentrators have the following unique design features for long-life and superior performance:


Feed Box


  • Solid polyurethane casing

  • Impact wall provides longer life

  • Design ensures homogenous pulp mix

  • Replaceable

Spiral Trough


  • Polyurethane sprayed to required thickness (+/- 0.5mm tolerance)

  • Rubber integral edge improves circumferential strength and prevents spillage

  • Integrally moulded

  • Ribbed for extra strength

Product Box and Splitters


  • Solid lightweight polyurethane casting

  • Splitter calibration

  • Box design assures no solids build-up

  • Linked reinforced splitters

  • Splitters are independent to trough surface and offer knife edge cutting of pulp stream




  • Solid polyurethane casting

  • Integral auxiliary splitter

  • Forced rejection of discard to reject gully or centre column

  • Homogeneous mixing of middlings and product for reintroduction onto trough

  • Divides spiral into two stages



  • Mild steel rubber lined

  • Mild steel alumina ceramic lined

  • Mild steel basalt lined

  • PVC/polyurethane lined

Auto Reject Channel®


  • Removal of coarse, high density and misplaced particles

  • Higher reject capacity

  • Auxiliary splitters do not require adjustment

  • Supplied in double or triple start configurations

  • Manufactured with no delamination

Modular Housing frame    

Modular Housing Frame


  • Available in modular or custom-designed

  • Hot dip galvanised to prevent corrosion

  • Each module houses two spiral assemblies

  • Dismantles fully for retracting or retrofitting




At Multotec we understand process flow sheets better than anyone in the market and we will partner with you for the entire lifecycle of your plant – from
planning, to installation to field service and maintenance! We can provide test spiral units to ISO accredited independent mineral laboratories where
you can perform your own test work on our machines with the assistance of our qualified technical specialists and consultants.

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