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Cyclone Distributors

Realise the full separation potential from a wide range of cyclone distributors from Multotec Australia. Cyclone distributors, made from mild steel and lined with rubber or alumina tiles, are designed to accommodate a wide range of cyclone diameters from 100 mm to 1 800 mm and ensure even feed distribution!


Multotec Australia has innovatively designed a range of cyclone distributors that ensure maximum separation efficiency and accurate fine cut points with advanced cyclone technology.


Features of our cyclone distributors:

  • Compact design ensures minimal footprint on floor space

  • Cost effective solutions developed by skilled engineers with extensive application knowledge

  • Equipped with a unique pressure gauge in order to monitor cyclone performance

  • Highly efficient separation capabilities

  • Long lasting materials of construction

  • Custom designed to meet client area requirements


Cyclone distributors from Multotec are ideally suited to master most mineral processing applications in Australia.

Achieve even feed distribution
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Choose from one of Multotec Australia’s innovative cyclone distributors to suit your mineral processing needs:


Overflow Launder

Individual cyclone overflow discharge into a common launder:


  • Launder outlet pipe is sized to allow the maximum flow rate to discharge under gravity.

  • Overflow launder can be fitted with either fixed splash covers, which double as foot plates,
    or removable splash.

  • Launder is rubber lined or ceramic tiled.


Underflow Launder

Individual cyclone spigots discharge into a common underflow launder:


  • Large diameter outlet pipe and correct angle of tank base ensure that the dense spigot can
    discharge under gravity.

  • Removable splash covers minimise splashing spray whilst allowing quick access to spigots.

  • Uniquely designed for floor level installation to allow visual inspection of the spigot discharge
    and easy spigot maintenance.

  • Launder is rubber lined or ceramic tiled.


Alternative Distributor Designs:

duplex Inline Radial stacker


  • Compact design

  • Low cost

  • Ease of operation

  • 1mm Particle Tracking

  • Relative Pressure Distributions


  • Small footprint

  • Low capital cost


Radial Stacker

  • Compact design

  • Ease of operation

Skid mounted walkway and access platforms  

Skid Mounted

  • Specialised applications

  • Moveable

Walkway and Access Platforms

  • Engineered to highest standards

  • Customised to suit client requirements




The Pulp Distributor

Cyclone distributors can be provided with pulp distributors that are either top or bottom fed:


  • Designed to ensure an even distribution of flow and an equal split of solids.

  • Minimising wear through the outlet pipes.

  • Equipped with a replaceable solid polyurethane wear pad to protect the internal lining and increase operating life.

  • Supplied with a pressure gauge port and pressure gauge in order to monitor cyclone performance


General cyclone distributor features


  • Galvanised mounting brackets provide ease of alignment

  • Galvanised splash covers

  • Diaphragm or knife gate valves (pneumatic or manual)

  • Distributors are trial assembles during manufacturing to ensure correct alignment



Multotec Australia’s highly qualified metallurgical staff ensures prompt and accurate advice on all aspects of cyclone distributors including sizing and design.

Our highly experienced team of sales engineers, technical specialists and production experts will ensure you get the most efficient and cost effective cyclone solution in Australia.

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