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Cyclone Design

Our industry leading cyclone designs offer maximum separation efficiency and lower running costs, and are backed by our extensive application knowledge within the Australian mineral processing industry. New field testing and cyclone design has resulted in a range of cyclones that are lighter, more cost-effective, environmentally-friendly and encompass power-saving features.


Our cyclone designs feature our unique scrolled evolute inlet head technology resulting in reduced wear and turbulence, and higher capacity than other inlet designs.


Features and benefits of our superior cyclone designs:

  • Our cyclone design can be customised to unique specifications

  • Designed for both fine and accurate cut points

  • Reduced misplacement of product

  • Simple installation and removal

  • Made from high quality rubber, ceramics and polyurethane compounds

  • Our cyclone designs ensure reduced operating costs

  • Abrasion and heat resistant materials that reduce wear

  • High pressure capabilities

  • Achieve high capacity loads

  • High temperature and chemical resistant for harsh applications


Ensure maximum separation
efficiency and lower running costs,
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Our unique range of cyclones includes:

Max dense medium Cyclone     Densifying Cyclones
MAX Dense Medium Cyclones
Our MAX range of cyclones reduce misplaced material by up to 30% and are engineered with alumina tile wear surface for longer life.
  Cast Iron Dense Medium Cyclones
Our cast iron dense medium cyclones are 27% high chrome cast iron providing excellent wear resistance and outperforms all other castings.
  Densifying Cyclones
Densifying cyclones from Multotec maximises water removal and minimises medium loss in the Australian coal mining industry.
    FC Cyclones
High Capacity Classification Cyclones
High capacity cyclones are made from a mild steel shell that is either lined with rubber (HC range) or ceramic tiles (HA range), providing the most economic lifecycle cost.
  Cyclone Distributors
Our distributors are made from mild steel and lined with rubber or alumina tiles, and are designed to accommodate cyclone diameters from 100 mm to 1 800 mm.
  FC Cyclones
Our FC cyclone range offers highly effective solutions for high volume super fine cut-point requirements in general classification applications.
VV cyclone   Mill Circuit cyclones    
VV Cyclones
Multotec Australia’s VV cyclones offer High pressure capabilities that have diameters of 100 mm to 350 mm.
  Comminution Circuit Cyclones
Our range of comminution circuit cyclones reduce your overall energy per ton - up to 30% savings in kWh/t

Only Multotec Australia has perfected the cyclone design with our unique scrolled evolute inlet head


What sets our cyclones apart from competition is our unique scrolled evolute inlet head design that reduces bypass and therefore enables higher capacity capabilities compared to other common designs.


Advantages of our scrolled evolute inlet head include:


  • Maximum efficiency of separation

  • Reduced misplacement of product

  • Cost effective beneficiation solutions

  • Superiority of cyclone design confirmed by Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis

  • Field tested

  • Minimised turbulence

  • Reduction in wear rates - especially on the vortex finder

  • Overall operating costs are reduced


Multotec Australia is a proudly Australian company with expert mineral processing solutions suited to the Australian Mining industry


Multotec is a specialist equipment supplier and partner to the minerals processing industry in Australia. We provide piece of mind with real time supply, installation and asset management and flow sheet solutions with emphasis on plant availability, and service support to mines, project houses and a growing OEM client base.


At Multotec we understand process flow sheets better than anyone in the market and we will partner with you for the entire lifecycle of your plant – from planning, to installation to field service and maintenance!

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