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Densifying Cyclones

Our extensive experience in the design and application of densifiers in dense medium circuits has created the most cost-effective method of maximising water removal whilst minimising medium losses in a dense medium circuit: densifying cyclones.


Densifying cyclones are ceramic-lined for extremely abrasive applications in the coal mining industry.


Our extensive application knowledge and in-house cyclone simulation software will accurately size and predict the right cyclone for your application.


Features and benefits of our densifying cyclones:

  • Coal

  • Scrolled evolute inlet head design

  • Replaceable cast iron sections

  • Reduces start-up time from 30 minutes to less than 10 minutes using a combination of magnetic separator and densifier

  • Replaceable stainless steel vortex finders

Improve the efficiency of your circuit
with our densifying cyclones
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Our densifying cyclones are available in the following 100, 165, 250 and 350 mm diameters. Contact our
Densifying cyclonesskilled engineers to find out which cyclone will best suit your beneficiation needs!


Densifying cyclones materials of construction:


  • Long-lasting and high-elasticity polyurethane

  • 27% high chrome cast iron for highly abrasive applications

  • Ceramic-lined for pulp distribution and abrasion-resistance


Why choose densifying cyclones over other cyclones


Densifiers have become an increasingly important component in dense medium circuits for the
following reasons:


  • The production of an over-dense stream into the correct medium tank significantly reduces
    the start-up time required to achieve density from typically 30 minutes using magnetic separators
    alone to less than 10 minutes using a combination of magnetic separator and densifier.

  • Improved density control through the introduction of an over-dense stream into the correct medium tank.

  • Cleaning non-magnetics which continuously build-up in the media. Analysis has shown that where 80%
    of the magnetics is recovered to the cyclone underflow, 65% of the non-magnetics reports to the cyclone overflow.


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