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FC Cyclones

The Multotec FC cyclone range offers highly effective solutions for high volume super fine cut-point requirements in general classification applications.


Using state-of-the-art cyclone simulation programmes, Multotec Australia has developed the unique FC range of cyclones that are able to operate at high pressures, minimise wear whilst maintaining maximum cyclone efficiency.


Features and benefits of our FC cyclones:

  • Accurate distribution

  • High capacity inlet design

  • Even feed distribution of pulp

  • Overflow size grading and operating pressure

  • Quick release screw

  • Constructed from lightweight materials

  • Designed for high pressure feeds to achieve super fine cut-points


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All FC cyclones utilise Multotec’s unique scrolled evolute design and are available in the following diameters:


  • 25 mm

  • 40 mm

  • 75 mm

  • 100 mm

  • 165 mm



Multotec’s FC cyclone range is ideal for use in applications such as:


  • Kaolin

  • Clay

  • Flue gas desulphurisation

  • Special desliming applications







Multotec Australia’s FC cyclones come in various
design options – extending the possibilities of your cyclone!


The FC range augments the VV cyclone range by using high quality injection moulded polyurethane and ceramic materials
of construction: cyclones with small diameters ranging from 25mm to 165mm combined with low-angle design achieve
exceptionally accurate fine cut points.


design optionsVortex finders

A range of finders are available to optimise cyclone performance. Extended vortex finders are also
available for high efficiency applications. Vortex extensions are cheaper, easier to maintain and simplify inspection





A wide range of spigots are available to control underflow density and optimise cyclone performance.
Spigots are available in either a special abrasion resistant polyurethane or ceramics.




Quick release coupling

Unique quick release spigot couplings achieve simple installation without nuts, bolts or screws.
Spigots can also be easily replaced.





Inlet coupling

For single cyclone operations, a unique inlet coupling without nuts and bolts is available to hold the
cyclone components together during operation. The inlet coupling has been tested up to 5 bar pressure.




Canister assembly

Canisters are available for multiple cyclone operations. The assemblies have been designed to ensure
optimum cyclone operation and are extremely compact.




Only Multotec Australia utilises the efficient scrolled evolute inlet head design


The feature that sets the Multotec Australia’s cyclones apart is the inlet head design. The scrolled evolute design gives cyclones higher capacity capabilities compared to other common designs as well as the following other advantages:


  • Reduction in wear rates - especially on the vortex finder

  • Overall operating costs are reduced

  • Reduced misplaced material

  • Maximum efficiency of separation

  • Cost effective operation

  • Superiority of design confirmed by Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis

  • Field tested

  • Minimised turbulence


Multotec provides nationwide process support to their customers through a dedicated team of process engineers in our network of branches, subsidiaries and distributors throughout Australia.

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