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Flood and Spray Nozzles

Multotec’s flood and spray nozzles are ideal for all wet screening, ore washing, medium recovery, slimes removal, conveyor belt cleaning and cooling applications.


Manufactured from long-lasting, abrasion resistant polyurethane, our flood and spray nozzles reduce downtime and ensure constant, efficient operation.


Replace 2 or 3 conventional flood and spray nozzles with just 1 Multotec flood and spray nozzle and take advantage of our 120° spray angle.


Our flood and spray nozzles:

  • Reduces downtime

  • Non-blocking orifices

  • Orifice range 5 mm – 11 mm

  • Corrosion and wear resistant polyurethane

  • Operating pressure range up to 4.0 bar

  • Uniform water curtain with high operating efficiencies

Maximise your uptime with our
anti-blocking flood and spray nozzles
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Key features of our flood and spray nozzles




The orifice diameter for both heavy duty sizes (18 mm and 10 mm) facilitates uninterrupted flow by

reducing blockage problems from contaminated water.


Easy mounting


Flood nozzles can be mounted horizontally behind the pipe spray reducing the possibility of damage
or loss by positioning the nozzle out of the flow of the screen material. Flood nozzles can be mounted
at any angle up to 45° into the flow to tumble material and to improve screening efficiency.





MultosprayFind a flood and spray nozzle for any application


Micro Flood Nozzle

  • Achieve a volumetric flow rate of up to 5 m3 per hour

  • Pressures up to 400 kPa

  • Available in 3 mm, 5 mm, 7 mm and 9.5 mm variations

Mini Flood Nozzle

  • Achieve a volumetric flow rate of over 12 m3 per hour

  • Pressures up to 400 kPa

  • Available in 7 mm, 9 mm, 11 mm and 13 mm variations

Heavy Duty Flood Nozzle

  • Achieve a volumetric flow rate over 23 m3 per hour

  • Pressures up to 400 kPa

  • Available in 10 mm and 18 mm variations

Multosprays Mounting Options

  • Standard thread to sit a BSP ¾” pipe socket

  • Quick release adaptors

  • Easy Installation

  • 3/8” to ¾” adaptors can be supplied with the existing MultoSpray
    where existing installations have a BSP 3/8” socket


Multospray Flow Rates:


Multotec Australia provides nationwide process support to their customers through a dedicated team of process engineers in our network of branches, subsidiaries and distributors throughout Australia.

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