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High Capacity Classification Cyclones

Multotec Australia offers a range of superior quality classification cyclones for all mining applications. High capacity cyclones are made from a mild steel shell that is either lined with rubber (HC range) or ceramic tiles (HA range), providing the most economic lifecycle cost.


Multotec Australia’s high capacity classification cyclones come in three variations and each is suited for the minerals industry in general, including coal, gold, iron ore, nickel and diamonds industries:


Features and benefits of our HC and HA cyclones:

  • High efficiency inlet design

  • Lightweight overflow elbow made from abrasion- resistant polymer

  • Reduced wear vortex finder that prolongs lifecycle of the classification cyclone

  • Reduced operating costs with loose liners that achieve up to 3x the life of conventional liners

  • Weep holes prevent damage to housings and indicate when housings need to be replaced





Prolong the life of your plant
with our HC and HA range
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Discover how Multotec Australia’s MAX range of
cyclones achieves maximum separation efficiency


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HC Cyclones


All wetted surfaces are lined with 15 mm or 25 mm thick, replaceable rubber liners, which have 3 times the life of conventional liners. This greatly reduces operating and maintenance costs. All major HC Cyclone housings are designed with weep holes to alert plant operators when a liner needs replacing.

HA Cyclones


The ceramic tile design of the HA range prevents lining failure as well as maximises the lifecycle of the cyclone. Each tile is specifically designed for, and allocated a place in, the cyclone. Such precision, coupled with years of operating experience, results in a lining with maximum strength and abrasion resistance.

Stacker Cyclones


Stacker cyclones are ideally suited to processes where maximum underflow densities are required and the tonnage of solids handled by the spigot fluctuates. All rubber-lined cyclones can be supplied in a stacker cyclone configuration, complete with flapper valve, rubber-lined overflow elbow and air-bleed/vacuum gauge arrangement. Flapper valve is available in either polyurethane or rubber variations.



Only Multotec Australia utilises the efficient scrolled evolute inlet head design


The unqiue feature that sets Multotec Australia’s cyclones apart is the inlet head design. The scrolled evolute inlet head
design gives cyclones higher capacity capabilities compared to other common designs as well as the following other advantages:


  • Maximum efficiency of separation

  • Reduce misplaced material up to 30%

  • Cost effective operation

  • Superiority of design confirmed by Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis

  • Field tested

  • Minimised turbulence

  • Reduction in wear rates - especially on the vortex finder

  • Overall operating costs are reduced


Our global commitment to continuous research and development ensures that Multotec Australia remains a market leader in classification cyclone technology


Our extensive application knowledge allows our skilled engineers to work closely with you to find the right solution for your unique mineral processing needs!

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