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Achieve success in smaller aperture applications with our range of screening systems. Our versatile process of injection moulding gives you even feed distribution and flexible aperture sizes for all our screening systems. Our Injection Moulded Screening Systems are suitable for harsh abrasive applications such as dewatering and coal mining.


Features and benefits of our screening systems:

  • Strong reinforced steel frames

  • Firm connection of frame and panel

  • Solid dam frame support

  • Wide range of apertures and panel thicknesses available

  • Available in 2 x 1, 1 x 1 or custom formats to suit your application requirements

  • Variety of panel dimensions to suit customer’s needs

  • Common sizes available ex stock

  • Variations for improved efficiency readily available

  • Reduced running costs, only worn panels replaced

  • Quick and simple installation and removal



Lower your overall cost per ton with
our injection moulded screening systems
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Our wide range of injection moulded screening systems includes:

Tee Pee Panels   Screen Panels and Fastening Systems   O-slot Apertures
TeePee™ Panels
Our TeePee™ panels have been designed to double the screen surface area which results in 50% increased efficiency in comparison to other panels.
  Screen Panels and Fastening Systems
Our screen panels and fastening systems are injection moulded for greater aperture accuracy and material consistency. Discover the Pinless & T-Lok Fastening Systems.
  O-Slot Apertures
An aperture shape is specifically designed to maximise drainage capacity, minimise pegging and blinding whilst extending longevity.
Vibroplast Screen Panels
A patented design with inter-connecting apertures and alternative solid dams of different thickness make the screen panel non-pegging and non-blinding.
  Saddle Top™ Systems
This specialised screening system ensures that screen panel fastening holes can be replaced individually instead of replacing the complete runner.
  Flood and Spray Nozzles
Manufactured from long-lasting, abrasion resistant polyurethane, our flood nozzles replace 2 to 3 conventional spay nozzles, with only 1 ergonomic nozzle.

Our experience and knowledge of the Australian mining industry has allowed us to create screening systems that have no loose parts and less
fastening pieces which results in less labour, less maintenance
– ultimately reducing your overall cost per ton!


New field testing and screening systems research has resulted in injection moulded screen panels that are lighter, more cost-effective,
environmentally-friendly and encompass power-saving features.


We will partner with you for the entire lifecycle of your screening system, and with our extensive monitoring software, Hawkeye™, we can ensure
your screening system runs at optimum performance.


Our skilled engineers will work closely with you to provide you with an Injection Moulded Screening System solution that has been designed
specifically to suit, and optimise, your beneficiation process



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