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Longi Magnetic Products

Multotec Australia has developed a range of magnetic products that increase plant productivity through magnetic recovery of minerals from slurries – giving you enhanced particle identification and separation without the usual high power consumption!


Our extensive research and development has resulted in magnetic separators that are able to recover minerals that range from heavy, strongly magnetic materials to fine, weakly magnetic materials.


Our magnetic products have been designed to maximise productivity and lower operation costs in recovery, purification, concentration and oil- and air-cooled beneficiation applications.



Benefits of Longi magnetic products:

  • Range of configurations – drum, roll and conveyor belt

  • Suitable for wet and dry applications

  • Recycle up to 50% of water used in drum separating applications

  • Hydraulic configurations in drum applications

  • Decreases energy requirements of a plant

  • Enhanced wear particle identification

  • Fast and simple handling


Lower operating costs with our
magnetic separators
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Our range of magnetic products include:

  Wet high intensity magnetic seperator   Overbelt magnetic seperator
Wet Drum Magnetic Separator
Low to Medium Intensity Wet Drum

  • Recovery of weakly to strongly magnetic minerals from slurries

  • Typical applications: Magnetite / Ferro Silicon recovery in DMS plants, Ilmenite and Chromite.

  • Strontium Ferrite magnets – 2 000 Gauss

  • Rare Earth magnets – 8 000 Gauss

  Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separator

  • Recovery of fine, weakly magnetic minerals from slurries

  • Typical applications: Ilmenite recovery, Silica sand cleaning

  • High intensity high gradient electrical magnet – 14 000 Gauss

  Overbelt Magnetic Separator

  • Oil-cooled and air-cooled electromagnets for belt widths up to 2 400 mm, working gaps up to 1 000 mm

  • Permanent magnets for belt widths up to 1 800 mm, working gaps up to 600 mm

  • “Cross-belt” or “In-line” arrangement

  • Manual or self-cleaning

Magnetic drum seperator        
Magnetic Drum Separator

  • Low intensity – 1 200 Gauss horizontal pole Ferrite permanent magnets for Magnetite iron ore concentration or removal of fine iron from granular materials

  • Medium intensity – 7 000 Gauss horizontal pole Rare Earth permanent magnets for Ilmenite concentration or removal of fine iron from powders




Our highly experienced team of sales engineers, technical specialists and production experts will ensure you get the most efficient magnetic separating system in Australia.


We also provide extensive field service and maintenance to ensure that your Multotec solutions always run at optimal productivity, reduce your down time and reduce your overall cost per ton!

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