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Mill and Scrubber Linings

Multotec Australia has engineered a range of 8 mill and scrubber linings that are computer simulated to provide optimum liner configuration that extends liner life and increases mill productivity.


When compared to steel lining, our rubber linings range comprises of 8 different liners that all have a low intrinsic weight reducing overall power consumption. Additionally, all our liners are easy to install and maintain which reduces labour costs and downtime.



Benefits of our mill and scrubber linings:

  • Longer life due to less wear resulting in substantial cost savings

  • Computer simulated liner configuration

  • Noise reducing rubber

  • Light weight linings resulting in less wear on bearings and reduce power consumption

  • Easy installation and replacement

  • Predict liner change-out date and indicate best practice design changes with our Hawkeye™ monitoring software.

Extend the life of your mill with
our wear resistant
mill and scrubber linings
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Our range of mill and scrubber linings include:

Shell Plates   Lift Bars   Head Plates
Shell Plates
The thickness of the Shell Plates can vary in order to increase mill capacity and liner life. The width is designed for optimum protection from the Lifter Bars. A range of rubber and composite designs are available.
  Lifter Bars
Lifter Bars are available in a range of widths, heights and rubber or composite profiles. Lifter Bars incorporating a steel insert are designed to provide maximum impact and abrasion resistance.
  Head Plates
Rubber Head Plates are available in various designs to combat sliding abrasion. Head Plates facilitate easy installation and handling. A range of rubber and composite designs are available.
Grate plates   Pan Liners   Trunnion and Bell Mouth Liners
Grate Plates
Heavy duty Grate Plate designs are available for larger mills. The elastic property of rubber allows for smaller slots than steel grates whilst eliminating blinding problems. Available in a range of apertures sizes.
  Pan Liners
Pan Liners are supplied with a rubber lined steel base that is at least 3 times lighter than solid steel or cast iron pan liners. The rubber lining prevents corrosion and reduces wear.
  Trunnion and Bell Mouth Liners
Trunnion Liners are manufactured from a fabricated steel base, which are then rubber lined. Loose steel backed rubber liners are also used in larger Trunnion and Bell Mouth linings.
Central Cones   Filling and corner segments    
Central Cones
Centre Cones can be designed to assist the discharge of the material to increase capacity and can be designed in in segments for ease of installation.
  Filling and Corner Segments
Filling and Corner Segments are designed to lock the Head Plates and Grate Plates into position and stop material racing in the corners.


Noise reducing properties of rubber


Rubber has the ability to absorb energy because it has high inner losses when exposed to dynamic strains. This means that the sound from a rubber surface decreases considerably. A rubber thickness of 40 mm or more reduces noise levels to the point where the use of earplugs is not needed.


We will partner with you for the entire lifecycle of your screening system, and with our extensive monitoring software, Hawkeye™, we can ensure your mill and scrubber linings give you the best mill protection.


We also provide extensive field service and maintenance to ensure that your Multotec solutions always run at optimal productivity, reduce your down time and reduce your overall cost per ton! 

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