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Rubber Screening Systems

Multotec Australia has developed a range of rubber screening systems that are designed for coarse and heavy duty applications by absorbing impact and reducing pegging and blinding problems - giving you increased screen panel life and reduced maintenance costs.


Direct the flow of screened media and reduce the initial load in the screening process with our uniquely engineered rubber screening systems. Our rubber department operates with state-of-the-art technology, including over 10 large screen presses – some of the biggest in the world. The entire screening process is also monitored by a team of quality control specialists assuring that you get the best screen for your unique requirements.


Benefits of our rubber screening systems:

  • Decreased lead time through various local manufacturing processes

  • High open area drainage

  • Accurate cut points

  • Minimum pegging and blinding

  • Zero porosity in rubber wear linings

  • Suitable for both high moisture and dry applications

  • Available in 2 x 1, 1 x 1 formats either compression moulded or injection moulded

  • Minimum maintenance stoppages, particularly in scalping operations

  • Versatile rubber accessories

Reduce costs with our screening
systems for heavy duty applications
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Uniquely moulded for various applications


Increase your screen panel life with internal frame support that is either injection moulded or compression moulded depending on your desired
product output and specific type of application. This is a major advantage when it comes to compression moulded rubber because it significantly
lowers lead time – saving you time and money. Both of these options provide even feed distribution and flexible aperture sizes for harsh, abrasive
applications such as dewatering and coal mining.



Our versatile range of rubber screening systems comprises:


Modular Rubber PanelsModular Rubber Panels

  • Wide range of apertures available for various applications

  • Heavy duty internal frame to absorb impact and provide support.

  • Panel dimensions are available in 2 x 1 and 1 x 1 formats with a wide range of self-relieving apertures

  • Custom designed internal frames for exceptionally heavy duty applications

Modular Panels and H-Pin and H-Sleeve System

  • Suited to standard and special runner frames (Saddle Top™, Pipe Top) and box frames

  • H-Sleeve clamping for secure panel attachment and improved frame life

  • H-Pin Fastening panels for improved attachment

  • Colour coded H-Pins and H-Sleeves to suit all thicknesses of modular panels

  • Flush with panel, no splashing of material, easy removal


Bolt-down Rubber PanelsBolt-Down Rubber Panel

  • Bolt-down rubber screen panels in a range of sizes and thicknesses

  • Apertures are all moulded with self-relieving angles to minimise pegging

  • Integral skid bars with centre clamp bars or bolt holes for direct bolting to screen frame

  • Conventional steel backed rubber side liners

  • Plain bolt-down rubber panels with triangular side clamping bars

  • Bolt-down rubber panels showing the bolting arrangements of the centre clamp bars and
    triangular side clamping bars

  • Plain self-supporting heavy duty bolt-down rubber screen panels for coarse applications

Rubber Trommel Panels

  • Rubber trommel panels for coarse and heavy duty applications

  • Modular and large bolted or pinned panels to suit all sizes and types of trommel frames

  • Scrolls and weirbars to improve residence times and transport the oversize material

Rubber Accessories

  • Steel backed feed box liners supplied either plain or drilled

  • Bolt holes sealed with rubber plugs

  • Conventional steel backed rubber side liners

  • Triangular rubber side clamping bars

  • Supplied with T bolt angle washer

  • Ceramic and rubber composite 'RubHex' curtains can be supplied to glue onto the
    screen cross-members to protect the means from abrasion by particles passing
    through the screen apertures



Our highly experienced team of sales engineers, technical specialists and production experts will ensure you get the most efficient rubber screening system in Australia.


Discover how Multotec Australia’s rubber screening products can save you money and increase your productivity.

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