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Saddle Top™ Systems

The Saddle Top™ system was ingeniously designed by Multotec Australia so that only screen panel fastening holes could be replaced instead of replacing the complete runner.


The Saddle Top™ frame system supports the internal frame of screens and increases screen panel life while reducing maintenance costs by up to 3 times.


Our patented Saddle Top™ is manufactured from polyurethane and accommodates most conventional polyurethane or rubber panels.


Benefits of our Saddle Top™ Systems:

  • Only worn parts replaced

  • Reduced downtime and screen lifespan

  • Improved impact and abrasion resistance

  • Quick installation

  • Fits most vibrating screens

Using our patented Saddle Top™ frames, the mass of the screen frame reduces, improving
the G-Force produced by the screen drive. The benefit of this rail system is that it can be used
with conventional and Hi-Flow panels without compromising the open area.



Drastically reduce maintenance costs
with our Saddle Top™ systems
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Our Saddle Top™ Systems are made up of:


Pins and Sleeves

  • All standard types of fastening systems can be used including round pins, H-pins and knock
    through pins.

  • Round and “H” type Hi-Flow sleeves also can be used.

Screen Panels

  • The Saddle Top™ frame accommodates most conventional polyurethane or rubber
    2 x 1 or 1 x 1 modular screen panels with either 4 pin or 6 pin fastening systems.

Saddle Top™

  • The patented Saddle Top™ is manufactured from polyurethane and fits onto a flat bar runner that
    is in turn fastened, via cleats, to the cross members of the vibrating screen.

  • The polyurethane Saddle Top™ is a replaceable ex-stock item that can be changed at the same
    time as a modular screen panel.

Flat Bar Runner

  • The flat bar runners are laser cut from mild steel for standard applications, 3CR12 for corrosive
    environments or VRN 500 for abrasive applications.

  • The flat bar runners are manufactured to suit your specific screen length requirements.

Snapper Pin

  • Each Saddle Top™ is fastened in place by 4 nylon snapper pins.

Discover how our Saddle Top™ Systems can save you money and increase your productivity.


Our skilled engineers will partner with you for the entire lifecycle of your screening systems, and with ergonomic designs, application and condition
monitoring leads to continuous innovation, performance improvement and reduction of costs when treated.

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