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Sievebend Screens and Housings

Sievebend screens from Multotec Australia are the most cost-effective way to screen heavy minerals. With even spread of feed and adjustable flow control, the welded wedge wire construction ensures maximum open area and efficiency and the high chrome content is abrasion resistant – ensuring its long life.



Benefits of our sievebend screens and housings:

  • Reduced labour requirements

  • Improved safety conditions

  • Maximum open area and drainage

  • Reduced chance of feed error as a result of ‘set to lift’ housing flush standard on the feed chute

  • Sievebends are customisable ensuring you will find your ideal fit


 Multotec’s sievebend screens come in a wide range of dimensions in order to satisfy a wide range of applications



Eliminate deflection and feed
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800 mm Arc Length

  • For media recovery in height restricted applications

1 200 mm Arc Length

  • Where maximum drainage is required, but the height does not allow for a 1 600 mm development

1 600 mm Arc Length

  • For maximum drainage with reduced effect of any feed error


Non-standard sievebend screens (60°, different radii and developed lengths) can be supplied for existing installations.


A variety of linings are available ensuring your sievebend screens withstand tough applications


  • Abrasive applications: high alumina ceramic tiles for long life

  • Flammable applications: wear resistant materials with fire-retardant compounds

  • High impact applications: rubber lining that prolongs the lifespan of the Sievebend


Our sievebend screens are made from durable wedge wire and polyurethane compounds


Polyurethane sievebend screens Wedge wire sievebend screens  

Polyurethane Sievebend Screens


  • Long life

  • Constant cut-point maintained

  • Self-supporting internal frame

  • Continuous slot modules designed to be comparable with wedge wire

  • Deflector strips

  • Easily repairable

  • Less frequent need for turning

Wedge Wire Sievebend Screens


  • Sharp cutting action

  • Maximum open area and drainage

  • Wide range of profiles available

  • Abrasion resistant 430 stainless steel and corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel standard supply




Sievebend Housings


static sievebend housing reversible sievebend housing  

Static Sievebend Housing


  • High capacity

  • Non-clogging

  • No moving parts

  • Stainless steel wedge wire screen

  • Low space requirement

Reversible Sievebend Housing

The reversible sievebend housings can have either a pneumatic or hydraulic stilling system incorporated into the swivel mechanism for:


  • Reduced labour requirements

  • Improved safety conditions

  • Reduced chance of feed error (set to lift housing fluche with chute)

  • Ideal for abrasive, flammable and high impact applications.




Alternate feed chute designs:


Flat bottom feed chute
Pinch chute
Shallow stilling feed chute
Stilling feed chute



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