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Static Screens and Housings

Static screens and housings from Multotec Australia are designed to direct the flow of screened materials as well as reduce the initial load of material according to requirements; the wetted surfaces can be polyurethane, rubber or ceramic – ensuring you find the perfect fit for your unique processing application.



Features of our static screens and housings:

  • Customised to your unique screening application

  • Static screens improve screening performance by drastically reducing the load

  • Feed chute designs ensure media is evenly spread across screen width

  • Static screens can be used in conjunction with vibrating screens

  • Feed chute arrangement reduces velocity and turbulence

  • Slotted apertures direct the flow of screened materials

  • Unique pivoting ensures Static Screens are sloped for optimal screening


Reduce velocity and turbulence
with our static screen solutions
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Static screens can be assembled in numerous ways – making them the ideal
choice for various screening applications:


  • Media recovery

  • Dewatering

  • Desliming trash removal


Ergonomic pivot designs ensures static screens are sloped for optimal screening


Static screens are typically inclined between 27° and 35°. The unit is pivoted in the centre and during commissioning the
optimum slope is determined and the static screen is fastened into position.


Unique feed chute options ensure optimal screening efficiency


Unique chute arrangements reduce velocity and turbulence as well as spread the feed evenly across the screen width to optimise screen performance:

Flat bottom feed chute Stilling feed chute

In diamond applications the feed chute is a flat bottom type

In general screening applications a stilling feed chute type is used for optimal screening efficiency



Static screen housings


We provide an extensive range of static screens complete with feed chute, housing, and screen deck and integral under pan with sizes from 305 to 3000 mm wide and 915 x 610 mm long.


Our nationwide process support to our customers is available through a dedicated team of process engineers in our network of branches, subsidiaries and distributors throughout Australia.

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