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VV Cyclones

Our VV range of hydro cyclones offers the most cost-effective solution for fine cut-point classification applications in Australia!


Utilising a strong compound with resistance to abrasive environments, the injection-moulded VV cyclones from Multotec Australia create higher overall efficiencies and optimal plant performance.


Features and benefits of our VV cyclone range:

  • The abrasion resistance of Polyurethane reduces wear and reduces operating costs

  • Reduced lead times

  • High pressure capabilities with VV cyclones that have diameters of 350mm down to 100mm

  • High capacity inlet design

  • Chemical resistant and high temperature for harsh applications






Reduce operating costs and lead
times with our VV cyclones
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Versatile VV cyclones – for any processing application


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The extensive range of diameter sizes and different configurations ensure that VV cyclones from Multotec Australia can process all minerals from fine sizing separation up to coarse sizing cut points.


The versatility of VV cyclones makes them the ideal choice for all mineral processing: Coal, Diamonds, Gold, Iron Ore and other heavy minerals.


Extensive field testing resulting in the most ergonomic cyclone design


  • The scrolled evolute inlet head design ensures higher throughput and optimum efficiency

  • Scrolled evolute design enables particles to follow their natural downward spiral which reduces wear and turbulence and extends the life of the cyclone

  • Specialised design maximises the vortex finder lifecycle

  • Original cone extension or threaded cone design available on all VV cyclone models

  • Modular component design in lightweight, abrasion resistant polyurethane allows for ease of replacement of worn parts and many configurations to suit various process applications

  • Quick release spigots & profile clamps speed up maintenance

  • The wide range of cone angles ensure finer and more accurate cut points, particularly when used with barrel extension sections, and longer residence time leading to greater efficiencies


Our highly experienced team of sales engineers, technical specialists and production experts will ensure you get the most efficient and cost-effective cyclone solution in Australia.

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